Who takes part in the funeral mass?
The Funeral Mass provides an opportunity for the family and friends of the deceased to participate in the Mass, if you wish. If you would rather leave these tasks to someone else, please let the priest know. If someone does wish to take part, it is done at the following times during the Mass:

Reading the Word of God – usually 2 readers are needed:
1 person reads the First Reading (Page 5)
The Psalm comes after the first reading and is usually sung.
1 person reads the Second Reading (Page 7)
The Alleluia verse comes after the second reading and is usually sung
The Gospel is read by the priest
The gifts of Bread and Wine are carried to the Altar in procession by 2 or 3 people.
The Prayer of the Faithful are read by 2 or 3 people. (Page 10)

Below is the Three Patrons Funeral Booklet

Please give some thought as to who you would like to take part. It is best to choose someone to read who has experience speaking in front of a large number of people and who will proclaim the Word of God clearly and audibly. The priest will want to know the names of those reading and carrying forward the gifts so that he can invite them by name during the Mass.

The document provided contains a selection of readings, approved by the Church for use at funerals. Take your time to read through the various readings offered. Each one has something to say to us about the experience of death and the life of faith.

Documents you may find useful for preparation

Three Patrons Funeral Booklet

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